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4 Tools for Analytics Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

It is a given that any business needs to collect data about their business, their customers and their exposure. But just the simple act of accumulating data is useless unless you understand the implications of this information. This is where business analytics comes into play. Business data analytics is the process of answering the questions of what happened, why something happened, what is likely to happen, and what actions to take based on these events. This can be a time-consuming and complex task, but, fortunately, there are several good business analytics applications to streamline this undertaking.


Amplitude is an analytics service that seeks to streamline and simplify the collection and analysis of user behavior. By focusing on the key metrics of user conversion, retention, and engagement, Amplitude measures these metrics using a base formula of breadth (number of users), frequency (uses over a time period), and depth (how much use). Clients of Amplitude find it very useful to break down data into understandable parts in order to help them attract and retain more customers.


With Elasticsearch, you can search and analyze data in real time through the user-friendly interface. One manner in which it aides in data retrieval is this ability to monitor and analyze data every day as it occurs. Elasticsearch also has an active development and third-party support community. This analytics tool is scalable and distributable, and users can add as many or as few modules to the application, depending on their needs.


Mixpanel is an excellent tool for analyzing mobile users’ data. The simple and elegant interface allows users to input data point ranges for various user behavior metrics, without the user having to use any code. It is especially useful for event tracking and is also great for retention and engagement analysis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool when it comes to analyzing user data. Google Analytics is designed to work with Google’s existing products, which helps you understand the types of customers you need to reach. The interface is simple and easy to use and utilizes the ability to adapt to evolving machine environments.

Data analysis does not have to a mysterious and difficult endeavor. By using readily available tools, you can harness the power of data and make it work for you. Attract more customers and keep them when they come. By understanding your users, you can help your business and help your customers as well.

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