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May 2015

Our clients include:         

Official launch of e-learning platform of End Child Sex Abuse Foundation (ECSAF, 護苗基金)

Thanks to continuous trust and support by Ms. Josephine Siao (蕭芳芳), the chairman of End Child Sex Abuse Foundation, we are so proud of the official launch of this interactive e-learning platform in the week of sex education in April 2015.

This is a funny and inspiring educational masterpiece, while the main storyline and game are introduced by one super guy and one super girl whom will be acted by the voice of Mr. Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Ms. Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜). Cooperated with ECSAF, we have developed a web platform that can facilitate primary schools to participate in ECSAF’s 5 days Child Sexual Abuse Prevention program. Through videos, mini-games and a configurable avatar system with accessories store, children ranging from primary 1 to primary 6 can learn how to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Since each student under each primary school is given a web portal account to play, their stored points targeting to exchange for more accessories for the avatars, can be well managed in our developed Content Management System (CMS), in which is good for further analytical purpose.

We are very grateful to have gained Josephine’s appreciation and precious encouragement on our work on animation and web portal development. And Joy Aether hopes that the child abuse cases will soon disappear in this world.
Here is one of our online media news from Oriental Press Group Ltd. (Video)

App Integration Drives the Global Digitalized Toys and Games Market

Every industry should have had a big revolution in every decade, toy industry is no exception. As for the inundated usage of smartphones and tablets, children’s expectation on toys becomes much more demanding. They expect to have more frequent changes of game plays. Toy manufacturers are very annoyed with how to develop toys that can grab and sustain the attention of children, but to cautiously keep the production cost and risk low as well.

Joy Aether’s professional team has already foreseen, app integration into toys could bring a big turning point to the manufacturers. In 2012, one of our toy apps had been awarded “ Certificate of Merit” in Asia’s Smartphone Contest. That is, children can use our app to control toy robot’s movement, voice recording and even play with the robot. It means that whenever the manufacturer wants to change or add any game plays, the manufactured toy robots could still be kept. Without additional production, it will only bring to software update in the existing toy app. Meanwhile, children or their parents just need to update the app without any additional cost to buy a new toy with great convenience.

It is our pleasure that one of our Co-Founders, Mr. Ricky Lui, had been interviewed by Headline Daily, to share his thoughts and working experience in working with toy manufacturers.

Internal communication platform through smart devices

Single sign-on communication platform

With only one login, you can glance at the overview of different systems and link to them directly and quickly. It is suitable for disseminating internal message and announcement between different departments, in addition to internal standard procedure application such as leave application.

Just like one of our manufacturing clients, employees’ adoption rate is comparatively high than old system deployment. It is because the users just need to remember one set of username and password to access to several platforms to acquire instant company news. Meanwhile, good user experienced app can boost up the communication transmission speed, efficiency and working productivity as well.

Subscribed Channel List

Under each user account, user can select which channel they would like to subscribe and install. And there is an article list shown in each channel. With user-friendly layout, they can scroll upwards, click and view desired news at their fingertips.

Single Searchable Platform

Under User Profile page, it shows a list of articles from subscribed channels. User can search information from different platform at once.

Like and Comment

On the article list, it shows the distribution of Likes among the articles in the subscribed channel. The number of Likes beside the symbol of thumb reveals how many people like it. And each user can express their interest on each article by going into each article to press or un-press thumb button. Moreover, they can leave comment underneath the article.

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