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Sep 2015

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Hong Kong Science Park - Road Show@ Festival Walk -- "Innovation for GOOD"

Organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the roadshow “Innovation for Good” demonstrates how Innovations and Technology create social and economic benefits. We took part to show the funny and stereoscopic experience by using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to the public.

Look at the father and child posing for a photo: standing tall and patting the top of the virtual Golden Egg Auditorium!

Top Toy Companies are using AR to enrich their products

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that jumps out of an impersonal computer or device and into the real world, essentially "coming alive." It's little wonder then that recently one of the biggest applications of augmented reality has been in toys, as these toys can capture the imagination of kids in a powerful way.

Below are some great examples.

LEGO has found a way to use AR that embellishes the building blocks and increases creativity and real-world play with the LEGO Fusion group of sets. Each of the three LEGO Fusion kits has a specific set of LEGO bricks (only those bricks, in those colors, will be recognized), a corresponding application, and a special “capture plate,” a small building plate with a printed design that allows the device’s camera to identify the size and colors of the LEGO bricks built onto it.

Disney will bring Marvel’s Avengers to life in the real world this October through Playmation, a new line of wearables, connected toys, and apps that use Bluetooth wireless technology, cloud computing, and the voices of Marvel characters to immerse players in an augmented reality battle between super heroes and super villains.

Crayola, the world's favorite crayon for more than 100 years, brings your coloring to life with 4D technology With Color Alive, coloring flies off the page with characters that come to life in augmented reality, giving kids an interactive experience and fusing real-world creativity with digital play.

Fun toys + AR apps = More Fun

Dr. King Zoo AR app
This augmented reality (AR) app targets for the children to learn more on animals and ecosystem in an interactive way. We collaborated with Dr. King Zoo who designed and manufactured the interesting flash cards. Opening AR camera and scanning on those flash cards, children not only can see 3D vivid animal on mobile screens, but also can take picture with virtual animals. More interestingly, two being scanned cards can interact as well. e.g. virtual cow goes to eat virtual grass.

Miqi Miqi AR app
We are honored to have created a joyful mobile app with AR Camera in collaboration with MiQiMiQi. Download our apps and point the AR Camera towards the colourful MiQiMiQi animal masks, different 3D animal heads will jump out from the screen , corresponding to the animals which represent the children's personalities. Children enjoy much and have a great time especially when they take funny photos with those animal heads.



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3D 列印、無人機即刻救援,讓救災也可以即時又安全

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