What Industries Use Simulation Technology During Training?

The use of simulation training has been practiced in the military and aerospace industry for years. However, for a long time, those two entities were the only ones that had the budget to afford such training programs. Due to innovations in technology, these types of training devices have recently become more affordable and accessible. The following list describes some of the industries of today that are rapidly adopting the use of simulation training.


Have you ever played the board game called Operation? This simple yet fun game allowed everyday people to take a go at surgery. Although most people aren’t able to remove the objects the first time they try, with enough practice, they can become good at it the game. Surgeons and other forms of doctors are doing something similar across the healthcare industry today. College students have the ability to use simulation training to practice their surgery without the need for a human patient. According to Osso VR, this provides our future doctors the opportunity to experience common obstacles that they may face one day and thus improve patient outcomes.


One of the industries going full force with the implementation of simulation technology is the transportation industry, particularly trucking companies. According to L3 Harris, truckers can use driving simulators to improve their cognitive awareness, critical decision-making skills, and overall safety performance. Through this new style of driving education, new and even some of the most experienced drivers can learn practical skills that they will no doubt need on the wide-open road. An incredible benefit of a driving simulator is the ability to practice on different types of vehicles. That is something companies could not do if they did not have access to that particular model of truck.


A least talked about area in which simulation technology is being used for training is the agricultural sector. According to Affinity VR, farmers are now provided the opportunity to test out different methods of growing techniques through simulation. This allows farm owners to understand the effects of a certain technique without having to risk their current crops or wait months at a time to see data. Additional benefits include providing safer and better-tasting food for the rest of the country.

There is no doubt that simulation technology is quickly becoming the go-to strategy for training. The list of industries above includes only a handful of the ones across the world that are taking advantage of this incredible and cost-saving method of training.

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