Nowadays, people are getting more and more health-conscious. However, in such a busy world, it is hard to track our health condition with no useful tool supported.

Cooperating with BlueAnatomy, their specially designed body scale can communicate directly with our developed iOS/Android BlueAnatomy app. There is no computer and internet connection required. Simply, just open the bluebooth access on the mobile device the weighting measurement can already start. After that, all sets of data including weight, fat, BMI, water, muscle and bone will be stored and can be accessed anytime in an opened account. Then, all important data can be tracked and graphed. The brilliant idea here is to analyze health condition and visualize it in a short time from information collected by the wireless scale.

In the market, there are many guidebooks teaching you how to lose weight or keep healthy. But the value proposition of our app is to help the user take the action practically, enhance both personal and family health as our app can create multiple users within one app, every member in the family can freely be included.

In addition, it can be used anywhere without internet connection with great location flexibility. But with internet connection you will be able to store those information into the cloud as well, allowing convenient access. With both healthcare and mobile app market steadily growing, its potential can never be underestimated.

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