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Traditionally, internal documents in manufacturing industries could only be proceeded, filed and transferred through desktops with fixed location. However, in order to boost up the working efficiency, mobile internal communication platform has been chosen by one of our sizable clients – Global textile and apparel manufacturer.

Key features:


With only one login, office and factory workers can glance at the overview of different systems and link to them directly and quickly. Employees’ adoption rate is comparatively higher than the old system deployment. It is because the users just need to remember one set of username and password to access to several platforms to acquire instant company news. Meanwhile, good user experienced app can boost up the communication transmission speed, efficiency and working productivity as well.


Under each user account, the employee can select which channels he would like to subscribe and install. And there is an article list shown in each channel. With a user-friendly layout, they can scroll upwards, click and view desired news at their fingertips.


The article list shows the distribution of Likes among the articles in the subscribed channel. The number of Likes beside the symbol of thumb reveals how many people liked it. And each employee can express her interests on each article by going into each article to press or un-press the thumb button. Moreover, they can leave comments underneath each article.

In summary, it is suitable for disseminating internal message and announcement between different departments, in addition to internal standard procedure application such as leave application.

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