IISS (iPad Interactive Sales-Kit Solution)

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In such a competitive sales world, in order to win the quickest sales deal among competitors, dozens of sales materials and impersonal laptops will no longer do the trick.

Features and Benefits:

With iPad Interactive Sales Solution (IISS),

  • You can jot down notes, drawings and annotations during meeting, and email the PDF document immediately just after meeting with your customer. This greatly impresses your potential customers at the 1st meeting.
  • Being the Sales Head, you can update all sets of sales materials with just several simple steps on a centralized platform. All salespersons can then get the updated ones through WIFI or internet. It saves much more time especially in editing large amount of Sales materials whenever there are new staffs joining in
  • All videos, animations and pictures can be download, so that they can all still be shown even when there is no internet access.
  • Through our centralized platform, you can easily control the information of sales materials strictly by yourself or your assigned staff.


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